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Our furniture is used in public places, hotels, restaurants and homes around the world. We work with project architects and interior designers, individuals and businesses, to furnish residential and public spaces to uncompromising standards of quality, durability and design. Our furniture and designs meet the most stringent quality requirements and use advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure a long and reliable service you can rely on

Warranty SIJU

1.1. The warranty period for the Goods is 1 (one) year from the date of its transfer.

1.2. In case of detection of hidden defects or marriage of the Goods, the Buyer is obliged to notify the Seller about this, as well as send by e-mail photo and video materials demonstrating the identified defect.

1.3. The Seller undertakes to study the materials sent by the Buyer within 7 (seven) days.

1.4. If the identified deficiencies are a warranty case (they are of a production nature or arose before the transfer of the Goods to the Buyer), the Seller undertakes to eliminate the deficiencies or replace the Goods. The term for eliminating defects corresponds to the term for the transfer of the Goods (7 days).

1.5. In the event of a dispute over the availability of the Seller's warranty obligations in relation to the identified deficiencies, the Party concerned shall examine the Goods.

1.6. Expenses for the examination of the Goods shall be borne by the Party that initiated the examination. The Party that initiated the examination is obliged to notify the other Party in a timely manner of the date and place of the examination, otherwise the expert's opinion will not be admissible evidence in resolving the dispute between the Parties.

1.7. Warranty obligations do not arise from the Seller if the identified deficiencies arose as a result of:

• Incorrect assembly of the Goods, assembly errors;

• Mechanical impact allowed by the Buyer after the acceptance and transfer of the Goods;

• Negligent operation of the Goods;

• Use of the Goods for other purposes;

• Violations of the temperature and humidity regime of storage and operation of the Goods (use of the Goods in the bathroom);

• Use of chemically aggressive substances or abrasive powders in relation to the Goods;

• Violations of the Rules for the operation and care of the Goods;

• Actions of third parties;

• Impact of natural forces (fire, flood, etc.);

• Moving (relevant for furniture);

• Independent dismantling / installation of the Goods by the Buyer or third parties

1.9. The appearance of minor scratches and other traces of use is not covered by the warranty.

1.10. The fulfillment by the Seller of warranty obligations is counter to the fulfillment by the Buyer of obligations to pay for the Goods in full.

The guarantee is carried out by repairing the product or replacing it with a similar one (in case of impossibility of repair).

The warranty period for the Goods, the defects of which were eliminated by the Supplier, is extended for the period of elimination of these shortcomings, but only in relation to that part of the Goods in which the corresponding shortcomings were found.

Furniture warranty does not cover:

Damage to the product caused by animals, insects, liquids entering the product, etc.

Product defects are not:

Small hairline cracks (the so-called “cracking effect”), abrasions of furniture coverings made of solid wood or wood veneered with natural wood veneer that occur when the product is used in places of constant use

Slight creases on the facing material of the soft elements that occur after the removal of loads and disappear after a slight smoothing by hand

Insignificant color variation of facing fabrics, leathers and natural veneer and natural wood

Insignificant color variation and difference in the pattern of the paintwork (decor)

Minor cracks (less than paper thickness and less than 50 mm long)

The presence of healthy captive knots and the natural pattern of wood, redness and different shades of wood and natural veneer, which are their natural properties and indicate the naturalness of the material used, slight traces of repair of veneer and natural wood that do not impair the overall appearance of the product

Fastening connections, including, but not limited to, any hinges, eccentrics, couplers, confirmations, corners, front fittings, glassware and mirrors, wheel and other supports

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 No. 55, furniture is included in the list of goods that cannot be returned or exchanged.

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